Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mini Vacation #2

We've been talking about going camping for a little while now and have been trying to plan a time when it won't be really busy and the weather is decent.  We finally picked a date and were hoping to go Monday and Tuesday of this week and camp at Pike's Peak.  Unfortunately, there were supposed to be some severe storms Monday night, so we decided to cancel our plans.  It was a good choice too as some decent storms rolled through, which wouldn't have been much fun.  Trying to camp for the first time with an 11 month old... in the rain... with Savannah.... it would have been interesting.

We decided to drive to Pike's Peak on Tuesday anyway and do a little hiking.  It ended up being a really fun day!  The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was 75, cool, and sunny, which is pretty unheard of here in July.  The drive alone was gorgeous.  We arrived at the park mid-morning and decided to start with the stroller and see how far we could go.  We walked up to the overlook, which is a spectacular view and then headed down one of the trails.  We didn't make it very far before realizing there are a lot of stairs on the trail we started on.  Stroller fail.  So we headed back to the car and got the hard structured back pack we brought along.  It was the first time we'd used it, so it was sort of an adventure.  Jameson wasn't very happy about it in the beginning.  I don't think he knew what to think. After a little ways, however, he settled down and was a good sport the rest of the hike.  I'm not sure he loved it, but he tolerated it :)  Savannah on the other hand, seemed in 7th heaven.  It was a really good thing we brought the backpack as there were a LOT of steps and definitely not a stroller-friendly trail!  It was a lot of fun though and absolutely beautiful.

Afterwards, we drove into Wisconsin and grabbed some lunch.  Andrew wanted to stop at the sporting goods store there and to avoid having to get Jameson in and out of the car a million times, we found a shady spot in the parking lot off by ourselves, popped out the stroller, and enjoyed a nice little lunch in the parking lot.  We're weird.  I know.

After our quick shopping trip, we grabbed some ice cream and started home.  We took a few detours and drove around some neat little towns on the way home.  When we got home, Andrew mowed and Jameson and I discovered a baby bird that must have fallen from it's nest.  There were two different species of birds that were watching out for it (which is how I first noticed it, they were swooping around Savannah!).  That led to a mini nature lesson as we watched the birds all interact and we tried to identify the good little samaritan birds that were trying to help.  It was interesting and a fun way to end the day!

Mini Vacation

We didn't plan any major vacations this summer so to add some fun to the summer, I requested we do a few "mini" vacations here and there.  Nothing big, but I wanted us to come up with some new fun things to do to get out of the house.

A couple weeks ago we decided to make a trip to the Quad Cities.  We spent the morning walking through the museum and viewing a special exhibit they had there for just that week.  It was interesting and brought up some good discussions between me and Andrew.  We then walked through the children's museum and wandered through the remaining exhibits in the museum.  Jameson was a trooper!  It's been a LONG time since I've been in a museum.  It will be fun to go again sometime when he's older.  We grabbed some yummy lunch and then stopped and saw a good friend of Andrew's.  We headed home when it was time for Jameson to nap and then hung out the rest of the evening at home together.  It was a short trip, but fun to do something out of the ordinary.

Fourth of July

We had such a great two days celebrating the 4th of July, I really want to jot down a few notes about it.

The last few years, my whole family has come up here to watch the fireworks and see the air show on the 3rd.  Last year I was very pregnant and it was 90+ degrees and incredibly humid.  It was the one and only night that my ankles swelled during my pregnancy.  And boy did they swell.  With that memory in mind, I was so nervous that the weather was going to be awful this year.  I also wasn't sure how sitting in a small area for over four hours was going to go with a busy little boy, but the night was awesome.  It was beautiful weather - absolutely perfect - and Jameson did so well.  

When the fireworks started, I sat him in my lap and he crawled up and laid his little cheek against my cheek.  It was one of those perfect moments.  Most times I look back on memories and realize just how great they were and have fonder feelings of the event looking back than in the actual moment.  But for a rare moment, as I was sitting there, I knew it was a perfect moment in time.  I sat there with my sweet little boys cheek pressed against mine, with the fireworks reflecting in his eyes.  My husband sitting next to me and my parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews sitting nearby.  Surrounded by other families enjoying the freedom we have in this country.  It just made me so thankful for where I live, the opportunities we have to gather and enjoy food and good company.  There are so many blessings that I daily take for granted, but in this moment I was just overflowing with gratitude.  It was a priceless moment in time.

Shortly after the fireworks started, Jameson cuddled down in my lap for a few minutes watching them and then crawled up, pressed his cheek against my other cheek, and fell asleep.  The kid slept through the entire rest of the fireworks...including the finale that sounded like we'd entered a war zone.  I couldn't believe it considering he's usually a really light sleeper. 

Fortunately, we managed to avoid most of the wait to leave by parking a little ways away.  I didn't want to wake him up by putting him in the stroller, so I carried the 20 lb little sack of potatoes the whole way back, minus the last half a block when he woke up and I passed him off to Andrew.  It was quite the workout!  I think we were able to get to our car and drive home by the time my parents even left the parking lot.  It was worth the walk!

We didn't have any plans for the 4th, but I didn't want to sit at home all day doing nothing.  Andrew and I aren't always great at thinking of ideas.  We've been playing indoor "basketball" lately with these colored balls Jameson got for Christmas and a laundry basket.  It's actually be a lot of fun and Andrew and I come up with different games to play competing against each other.  Well, my game for the day was to give us each 10 balls and for each shot we missed we had to suggest something to do for the day.  Neither of us did very well, so we had lots of ideas!  We ended up calling Thaddeus and Jenae to see if they were free and around 10 decided to take a very impromptu trip.  We arrived at their house early in the afternoon and after kids were finished napping we ended up hiking on this really neat trail near their house.  It's right on the edge of town and is all wooded and winds around part of the lake.  It was a fun adventure.  Afterwards we went down to the Ped Mall and got some dinner at a local CoOp grocery store.  There is a really cool fountain in the middle that Jameson really enjoyed sticking his hands in.  We grabbed some gelato before we left, which was my personal favorite part!  It was delicious.  I gave Jameson a few bites and he LOVED it.  He doesn't usually light up when he tries new foods, but he kept coming kept coming back for more, which was a little shocking considering it was lemon gelato and had quite the kick to it.  We stayed the night and then headed out in the morning so Andrew could make it back to work on Friday.  It was a really fun couple days.  The fourth has become one of my favorite holidays over time, so it was fun to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate.   

11 months

I can't believe my baby boy is almost a year old.  I've been trying really hard not to become an emotional puddle about it.  It's odd though, the emotions that come with my baby getting older.  In all reality, I love the growth and changes and all the fun new things Jameson is doing.  I have fond memories of his early baby days, but I can't say I'd want him to stay that way forever.  Actually, I can certainly say I would NOT want him to stay a little teeny baby forever.  He's so much fun now and I have big hopes that will only continue.  I still get lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses.  I guess maybe it's the fear that those cuddles will soon diminish and not return.  BUT that's not the case at this moment, so I better just soak them up and not cry about something that hasn't happened yet.

It seems like the past month has brought so many changes.  Mostly in the way he interacts with us it seems.  He's such a sweet little guy.  This is probably going to be a rambling post - more for me than anything else.

Eating: Jameson is an interesting eater.  Somedays he'll eat and eat finger food when we sit down for a meal and other days he won't take hardly one bite.  He still nurses fairly frequently. Usually before naps and bedtime and maybe one or two other times during the day.  He still wakes up a couple times and nurses most nights.  I'd say he probably still nurses about 6 times a day.  I've noticed he usually eats more food at supper and hardly anything at breakfast.  I wonder if maybe he has gotten enough milk in the morning and isn't very hungry, but by supper he's worked up an appetite and not gotten as much milk.  Who knows.  I try not to stress about it.  It can be frustrating though going to the effort of cutting up food that I think he'll eat and then he sits down and takes his hands and swipes all his food on the floor (something we're currently working on...). Sometimes I wonder how the kid is growing at all, but I have to remind myself that he's probably getting some good calories via milk and he's got some thick thighs on him... if he's hungry, he'll eat.  I'd say his favorite food is still probably cheese.  He likes homemade bread and recently has taken a liking to strawberries.  He wouldn't eat them for the longest time and would spit them out if he managed to get one in his mouth - he seems to love them now though.  It gives me hope for all the other food he refuses to eat!

Kind of along the lines of eating - I've sporadically given him a cup of water while he's in his high chair and he's pretty good at tipping it up by himself and taking a drink.  He really likes to play in water though, so it doesn't take long for him to decide to dump it all over... on purpose :) I think we took his cup away in this next picture. He looked at us like, "Hey, that was my cup..."

Sleeping: Oh sleep.  I don't like even talking about it to be honest.  I know I'm weird and am probably completely unconventional in the sleep department.  I've wrestled with how to handle it A LOT.  I've had weeks where I've completely stressed about it and wondered if I'm ruining my child and other weeks when I try to put him into a strict routine and it's a complete disaster for all of us.  I've thought about dedicating an entire blog post to the topic of sleep, but have thus far avoided it.  It's just such a challenging issue because every child is different, every parent is different, every book and "expert" gives different advice and at the end of the day I've tried to do what works for me, Jameson, our family, and our current place in life.  I will probably handle it totally different if God blesses us with a second child, but only because that child will likely be different and our family dynamics will be different then.  Jameson was on a really crazy schedule where he'd fall asleep around 9 or 10pm and wake up around 9am.  I'd tried numerous times and ways to get him to sleep earlier, but he'd always wake up like it was a nap and bedtime would end up being about the same time anyway.  For whatever reason, about a month ago, our schedule totally changed.  Now he goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up at 7am.  He naps twice a day.  Sometimes he'll wake up after his first sleep cycle about 40 minutes in, but if he makes it through that, he'll usually sleep for an hour and a half, give or take 15 minutes.  I've tried laying him down for naps at all different times trying to find that golden schedule, but it's pretty much been in vain.  He seems to fall asleep around 10am and 3pm most consistently for naps.

Teeth: No new teeth, but he's been chewing a lot on his thumb, so I'm pretty sure he's working on those first molars.

Activity: My little mover really figured out the walking thing about when he turned 10 months.  One day it just clicked and he just keeps getting better and better at it.  After he first really figured it out, he would do this adorable little thing where he'd stick his elbows in the air like he was flapping a pair of wings.  I think he did it to keep his balance.  The faster he'd go, the more he'd stick his elbows up and back as his body would lean forward.  He looked like a goose.  It reminded me of when you make a goose mad and they put their wings back, stick their head forward, and start chasing after something.  Oh, my little goose, he cracked me up every time he did it.  Sadly, I've noticed he doesn't do it as much anymore.  I think his balance has gotten a little better, so he doesn't need to compensate quite so much.  Now, though, he has a new hilarious move.  He saunters around swinging his arms.  I hope I can manage to get a good video of it, I can't quite put into words what it is that I find so amusing.  It makes me smile every time I see him do it.  When he wants to get somewhere though, he can MOVE IT.  Sometimes he can get across a room just as fast as me.  He'll spot something that he want and sometimes I can hardly get there before he does! I think he's really enjoyed having his newfound freedom.

For whatever reason, he never seems to dance.  I've seen other little kiddos his age who have some pretty impressive moves, but that's just not something he has done.  So I was a little shocked the other day when I had some music on and I saw hime start swinging his arms and shaking his torso.  I think it was his first attempts at some dance moves... maybe?  I haven't seen any since, but it was pretty stinkin' cute!

Personality/Other random thoughts:  I'm slowly starting to see Jameson's personality come out.  He's really hesitant when he sees new people and won't venture too far from me at first.  He gets a lot of comments about how serious he is.  After he warms up to you, or if we're at home in familiar environment, he's totally different.  He gives lots of smiles and giggles and chatters up a storm.  He really seems like he's trying to make words now, but they seem mostly like his own unique little language.  He says something that sounds a lot like "Go" a lot.  Sometimes it seems like he saying "Here ya go" when he hands me a toy.  He's still at that stage where you can't tell if he's trying to say something or just jabbering.  Without fail, every time I say "Puppy" he waves.  Every. time. I usually refer to Savannah that way and when we see her we usually wave to her, so I'm assuming that's how he made that association.  Who knows.  It's funny though.  He waves all the time now.  Whenever you tell him "hi" he'll whip out his waves.  Sometimes he'll just randomly do it when he sees you or if you walk into the room he's in.  He'll wave when you tell him "bye" too.  It's fun seeing him purposefully communicate.  He's also gotten a lot better the past month about expressing what he wants.  He points or if I'm sitting somewhere and he wants up, he makes it VERY obvious.  He'll stand up on his tiptoes and grunt while trying to pull himself up.  We've been working on how to get off the couch, a bed, the stairs, etc. by turning around and going down backwards.  He's really good at it.  For whatever reason he thinks it's great fun to sit up on the couch and then get off by himself.  Up and down. Up and down. I guess it's an easy source of entertainment.

He makes this funny growl sound.  He sounds like a little monster.  One day he handed me a little wooden toy that has a picture of a cheetah on it and I asked him what a cheetah says, not expecting any response.  Without missing a beat, he whipped out his little roar growl.  I about fell over.  It was quite well times.  Now if you ask what sound a cheetah makes, he'll usually do it :)  Speaking of random noises, when he was younger he would walk around making this goofy noise that reminded me "Guss Guss" from Snow White.  I'd hoped to get it on video, but I don't think I was ever able to.  Which is something so hard about this age.  Most pictures are blurry because he never sits still or he comes at me full throttle when he seems the camera out.  He'll be doing something that I want a video of, but as soon as he sees the camera it's game over.  Usually, instead, I just soak up the moment and try to permanently sear that little memory into my brain.  It's so sad how hard it is to remember those moments.  I guess that's why I write them here, hoping to hold on to a few :)

Another random happening this month - I've been hanging his diapers out on the line when the weather is nice and I'll usually sit Jameson in the grass beside me and give him the bag of clothes pins.  He plays with them while I'm hanging his clothes and will often hand me one at a time if I hold my hand out and ask him to give me one.  It's slow going, but it's fun having him help. One day he was sitting behind me and I heard him start squawking.  I turned around to see him waving his hand in the air with a clothes pin stuck to the end of his finger like a little crab.  It was hilarious.  I have no idea how he managed to get the clothes pin opened and on his finger, but it was quite the site.

We got him a little pool and he loves splashing around in it.  It doesn't hold his attention long though and he decides he wants to crawl out and explore the rest of the patio.  Oddly, he'll crawl out of his pool to go play in Savannah's water bowl a few feet away.  I have no idea why that's more entertaining, but to each his own I guess.

Another random milestone - Andrew and I were sitting in the living room playing with Jameson and out of no where he randomly just started walking around clapping his hands (7/14).  I hadn't noticed him ever doing that before.

We love you sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10 month check-up

This was supposed to be his 9 month check-up, but it ended up turning into more like a 10 month check-up so that's what we'll call it. 

Jameson's 10 Month Health Stats

Weight: 18 lb 8 oz (9%)
Length: 27.75 inches (16%)
Head circumference: 45 cm (29%)

Friday, July 5, 2013

10 months

I figured I better jot a few notes down before the 10 month mark passes.  I love, love summer, which means I'm soaking it all up and spending as much time with my family as possible...and very little time in front of a computer.

It has seemed like milestones kind of come in waves.  I won't notice Jameson doing very many new things and then all of a sudden he'll be doing all sorts of things he'd never done before. It seemed like right around when he turned 10 months, he had a wave of new found skills.  He'd been taking 3 or 4 steps pretty regularly, but he's taken off walking.  It seemed like in the course of a week it just clicked and he started walking across the room.  I'll update more on my 11 month post about walking.

A few dates I jotted down:

On 6/2, he started putting Legos back in his bucket, helping us pick-up.  It was completely unprompted.  I'm so used to him pulling them out and throwing them on the floor, my jaw about dropped.  I guess it hadn't sunk in that someday he might actually be able to help clean up the messes he makes :)

On 6/6, he was playing downstairs and I had run upstairs to grab something.  When I started coming down the stairs, he spotted me and started waving.  I'd been trying to get him to wave for a couple months and he just wouldn't do it.  I started thinking it was a lost cause, so I was shocked to him him not only waving, but using it in a proper context. It was so sweet!  Now he waves all the time.  It's so interesting to just see things click and then he does it non-stop.

On 6/13, Jameson was sitting on the floor playing by himself with some blocks.  I was just watching him and all of a sudden he started trying to stack them and sure enough was able to stack a couple blocks.

He also started turning pages in his books by himself.  He'd sit with a book in his lap and just turn the pages looking at them.  A few times he sat there for a few minutes, just turning them back and forth.  I'm so used to him buzzing all over, it was neat to see him stop and notice his books.  I hope it's a glimpse that he'll love reading someday.  I have to watch him closely though, because after the fascination of turning the pages ends, the book goes straight into his mouth.  Since he has a good mouth of teeth now, he can do some serious damage pretty quickly.  He's made his mark on a few of our favorite books.

Speaking of teeth, he has four on top and four on bottom now.  I'm wondering if he's working on some molars as he's been chewing a lot in the past week or so.

One day I was giving him some steel cut oats and he managed to get a few pieces stuck on his lips like this.  I about died laughing.  My goofy little redneck monster :)

One day, I was working on stuff in the kitchen and didn't get the cabinet door all the way closed.  I turned around to find that he'd swiftly climbed all the way inside.

I guess he saw what he wanted to see and turned around and crawled out :)

He loves Savannah.  Sometimes if Jameson is starting to fuss and I need a few more minutes to make supper, all I have to do is let Savannah in and he's happy as a clam.  Sometimes he annoys her in his attempts to crawl on her and poke her eyes, but she loses track of her body sometimes and knocks him down when she gets excited, so I figure they're about even. She's really good with him and I can see them being pretty good pals in the near future.  She usually will greet me and Andrew when she sees us in the morning and I've noticed she still kind of ignores Jameson sometimes, like he's not one of her "people" yet, but someday she'll realize that he's more inclined to play with her than either of us.  Then she probably won't leave him alone.  She'll be dropping balls at his feet all day long!  There have been numerous occasions now where Savannah will start chewing on one of Jameson's toys and I'll take it away, telling her it's not her toy to play with, and put in somewhere else.  Jameson will be watching and he'll immediately go find whatever toy she had and give it back to her.  Of course, she'll take it and happily start chewing again.  I scold both of them, take it away again, and toss it across the room.  Little Man will go find the exact same toy, crawl back to her, and put it in her mouth.  They're quite the pair.  I'm sure it's just the beginning of their days of mischief.  I admit, though, I love seeing them interact and usually can't help but laugh at them.  Such fun days we have together :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

9 months

As usual, I'm a bit behind on my posts... we've been working on lots of projects around the house and outside in the garden.  Plus, Mr. Jameson is a busy little boy and keeps me on my toes.  Better late than never :)

Eating: I'm not good at always keeping track of how often he eats, but I don't think much has changed since 8 months.  He's still nursing 5-6 times during the day and sometimes a couple times at night.  He primarily eats before naps and bedtime and never really acts hungry during the day.  He's mostly gotten over the biting issues we were having.  Every once in a while he'll clamp down, which about sends me off the edge of my seat with his mouth full of teeth now, but he rarely does it on purpose.  He's eating a lot more solids, but I haven't noticed it significantly affecting how much he nurses.  This kid loves cheese.  If you give him a big variety of food, he'll almost always pick out all the cheese first.  We've tried lots of new foods this month and thankfully he hasn't seemed sensitive to anything.  I've been making a lot of homemade bread, so I've been letting him try different kinds of bread - he seems to like it! He pretty much refuses to take any purees (unless it's a bite of the many varieties of smoothies I've been making - then he gets really excited and wants to put the spoon in his mouth himself, which he's surprisingly good at!).  He seems to dislike apples and will get the biggest sour face whenever I give him any. He's recently started swiping the food off his tray on occasion.  I'm not sure what prompted his newfound tendency, but I'm hoping he'll grow out of it soon.  Savannah likes it though as she occasionally gets to clean up the mess that is left behind!

Sleeping: Pretty much the exact same as 8 months.

Activity: Oh boy.  He started standing up a lot this past month.  He'll be in the middle of a room and just start standing up.  He has stellar balance, it's pretty impressive.  A few weeks ago when I was in the nursery at church with him, he took a little step.  Since then we've seen him do it a couple more times.  He's been getting braver lately and will walk all along the furniture and he'll stand there looking at you like he's just going to start walking toward you.  Yesterday (5/21), he took three little steps!  Although that's technically in the 10 month post, I'm going to include it here so I don't forget!  He got a big smile on his face - I think he thought he was pretty hot stuff!  What finally motivated him enough to try it?  He wanted one of Daddy's tools :)

Personality/other random thoughts:  It's fun watching him get older.  He's getting more and more able to interact and play games.  He knows when we're trying to play with him and he'll give big smiles and occasionally big giggles and laughs.  As you can see in the picture above, he figured out how to stick his tongue out and will often walk around sticking his tongue out and then babbling.  It's pretty cute.  I'm also finding it's a LOT harder to take pictures of him as he's constantly in motion, so most of my pictures turn out blurry or with him attacking the camera!  He's started clucking his tongue and will sometimes mimic us when we do it.  He talks a LOT.  Babbles and random "Mamama, Dadadad, Bobwabwa," etc. Last night Andrew told him, "I love you" and it sounded like he repeated it back.  Andrew and I both looked at each other about in shock.  I think he was trying to mimic the intonation he used, which made it sound a lot like he repeated it.  It's fun to have those little moments. Obviously, he can't say the words yet, but it's definitely the start of language development!  He still loves to be held and definitely loves Mama.  He has moments of independence, but likes it when I'm in the room or nearby and will usually fuss if I leave.  He's started to get more interested in books it seems and will sit and listen to a book or two if I sit down and read to him - love this!  He's also taken a LOT more interest in Savannah and will get really excited if he sees her come into the room.  If I'm holding him, he'll start kicking his feet and squealing.  He likes to try to pet her and climb on her.  She's a really good sport and is so patient with him.  I hope they're best buds as he gets older. Oh man, I just love this little boy to pieces!  He is such a goofball and will give us huge goofy grins when his face is covered in food that about make me melt.  He also loves to point and likes it when I touch my finger to his when he's pointing - he thinks that's pretty funny :)  He also gives really good hugs and big wet kisses.  Melts me every time :)
They were playing - although Savannah looks like she's being tortured in this picture, don't let her fool you - she loved the attention!  
Teeth:  This kid has a mouth full of chompers.  Shortly after he turned 8 months, he had three teeth pop through on the top - his two front teeth and his right lateral incisor.  They're really coming in now!  Shortly after he turned 9 months, his right lateral incisor on the bottom popped through.  So now he has four teeth on top and three on bottom. I think his teeth have been hurting him the past couple weeks as he's been chewing on his fingers a lot and sometimes acts like he's in some pain.  The poor guy!  He's really a trooper though even in the midst of teething.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8 months

8 months already? I love seeing him grow and learn new things, but realizing my baby is fast approaching a year makes me a little sentimental. Sigh. Moving along...

Eating: He still nurses about every 3 hours or so during the day and usually a couple times at night.  We've been trying more solid foods.  I've found he doesn't really like to be given purees or things on spoons.  Occassionaly he'll take it, but usually he just turns his head away, closes his mouth, and refuses to even try whatever I might be offering.  Small finger foods has been a big hit.  He seems to love sweet peas.  They are the one food he'll consistently sit at his high chair and eat.  I wouldn't have expected that!  He likes chopped bananas and loves trying to eat some of mine from a peeled banana if I offer him a bite.  I gave him avocado chunks this week and he LOVED it.  It was so much different than when I offered it to him shortly after he turned 6 months - he wasn't a fan at all then.  He seems to moderately like steel cut oats.  I gave him some homemade yogurt this week and he got the biggest sour face, but even I thought it was pretty tangy.  I don't think he was a fan.  I also gave him a bit of homemade broccoli soup and he liked it one day, but refused it the next.  We've also done green beans, bits of chicken, mango once, softened carrot chunks.  I'm not sure he loved the green beans, but he's a big fan of chicken and absolutely lit up when he tasted the mango.  That's my boy! He'll usually sit at his highchair pretty contentedly while we eat and he'll munch away.  If he is really enjoying himself, he'll sit there and go "Mmmmmm....mmmmmmmm..." and smile a big, gummy, food filled smile when you look at him!  I'm not really strict about making sure he gets three meals a day right now.  He still gets most of his nutrition from milk, so I don't stress too much about it.  He usually sits in the highchair for about two meals a day.  I love that he still nurses so well, which makes things a LOT easier.  Speaking of nursing, he gets in these strange moods now and he'll bite me when he doesn't really want to nurse. OUCH! I'm not a big fan. While he's doing it, he'll usually give me this mischievous little look...the little stinker!  Fortunately, he hasn't been doing it as much lately.

Sleeping: Most days he wakes up around 8, takes a nap around 10 and another nap in the afternoon.  He's been sleeping for about an hour and a half lately.  Sometimes he'll take another nap in the evening, it just depends.  If Andrew's home, it's a lot harder for him to fall asleep and he'll usually skip that nap.  If anything is happening around him, he wants to be part of the action!  He goes to bed between 9 and 10.  I've tried to get him to sleep earlier, but it never works... he'll just treat it as a nap or he won't fall asleep at all.

Activity:  This kid is such a mover and he is so agile.  Our little monkey.  He can crawl across a room in a couple seconds... he's really fast now!  He pulls himself up on things constantly and is really good at having a toy in one hand, standing up, sitting down, then standing up again.  He can lean from a standing position and pick up a toy... he just makes it all look so effortless. He can crawl up stairs now too... yikes!  Andrew was sitting beside him as he crawled up our stairs the other day and made it all the way to the top pretty quickly... oh boy.  He falls a lot less frequently now and can usually catch himself if he starts to lose his balance.  I've been really grateful for this skill when he decides to follow me into our tile bathroom.  So far, he hasn't fallen at all in there, much to my relief. One day he pushed his toy basket over near our tv stand and was playing...I looked over at one point to find that he had crawled on top the basket and was standing up to get to the tv stand.  I know, I'm in trouble.  Another funny story... he likes to stand up to the garbage can, which totally grosses me out.  Since he doesn't yet realize how nasty that is, I've been sitting the garbage on a kitchen chair so he can't get to it.  One day Savannah was laying in the kitchen next to the chair with the garbage can, I was doing dishes, and Jameson was crawling around playing in the kitchen.  I looked over a few seconds later and Jameson was standing ON TOP of Savannah (who was still laying down, bless her heart) trying to get to the trash can.  It was hilarous.  Andrew's first question: "Did you get a picture?"  Ah, I would have loved to have captured that moment, but I was too terrified the dog would jump up and start running and Jameson would topple over.  Funny little man.  We've seen him let go a few times while standing for a few seconds and he'll take steps while holding on to furniture.  We'll see when he decides to start walking...  He's also figured out how to open doors that aren't latched shut, drawers, and cabinet doors.  It's fun to see him figure stuff out, but much more difficult to keep him out of things.  He really likes to take baths and I no longer use a big sponge in the bath- he's such a big boy now!  He can crawl from one end to the other and loves to splash and explore the spout.  Much to my surprise (and relief!) he's really good at keeping his balance in the water.  I'm still really cautious and sit right next to the tub prepared to catch him if he slips, but he's pretty good at maneuvering around on his own.

Personality/other random thoughts: Oh, how I love this little boy!  He's been going through a stage now where he doesn't want me to venture too far away.  As long as he can see me, he'll usually play pretty well by himself, but if he can't find me in a room after awhile he comes looking for me... if he can't find me then, he usually melts.  I've been putting him in the nursery at church most Sundays lately because he just chatters away during the service - without fail he always starts talking away when things get silent and someone is praying.  He usually doesn't fuss at all when I leave the nursery and he'll play happily for about 10 minutes, but then he realizes I'm not there and he'll lose it.  Someone will come and get me and as soon as he sees me he'll clammer into my arms and just give me a big hug.  As soon as he calms down, he'll play happily again as long as I stick around.  It's amazing to me that he definitely knows who I am and doesn't want anyone else in those situations.  As much as I'd love to sit through a whole church service, I secretly kind of love that I'm the only one who can soothe him in those situations and that he does care when I'm not around. He'll get over it in time, but right now, I'm going to soak up being the center of his world... I know it won't last.  On another note, Jameson is giving hugs and big wet kisses now and will lay on the love if you ask for a hug or a kiss... I LOVE it!  He gives good little hugs too!  He seems to understand a lot more of what we say now.   If he's wandering away or in another room and I say, "Come on Jameson, come over here" he'll usually turn around and crawl to me.  I'm almost certain he is saying "Mama" now and understanding what it means.  There have been a number of times that he's said it and it's been directed at me and in the right context.  I just might have to claim that as his first word... YAY!!  He makes a lot of other vowels and consonents and will jabber away, but I haven't heard any other clear intentional words yet.  He doesn't like it when you close a door, especially if he was headed toward it, and he'll usually let you know with some fussing.  He has an odd fascination with the fridge and the dishwasher.  If you open the fridge door, no matter where he is, he'll come bolting toward it wanting to play with the stuff in the door.  If you close it, he'll usually cry for a little bit.  Oh, the trials of life as an 8 month old!  He loves to climb on top of the dishwasher door when it's open.  Since we just bought it, I'd really rather he not break it by climbing on it, but the little man is fast and can get up in a matter of seconds. He's a monkey, I tell you.  He loves to watch me while I'm making supper.  He will usually follow me into whatever room I'm in and then play in that room - he definitely likes to be with people.  He still loves to cuddle and really enjoys being held. He gives LOTS of smiles and he's starting to have giggle fits a little more often now.  Those are my favorite!  He points a lot with his index finger and he chews on his thumb a lot.  He never sucks his thumb though and he won't take a pacifier anymore... he hasn't for a couple months now.

Teeth: He got another tooth shortly after he turned 7 months - oddly it's his right lateral incisor (the one next to the front tooth).  I guess he's skipping his front teeth for the moment.  For a week or two, I've been able to see the left lateral incisor, but it hasn't broken through yet.  I'm pretty sure he was having a couple rough days teething last week.  He was kind of a grump and was reeallllly needy. I'm glad it was short lived though.  It's so refreshing when I get my happy baby back!!